Terms & Conditions on offered services by Artland (BD) Limited are mentioned below:

  1. The client has to pay 75% of the package price to confirm the booking. The rest of the amount i.e. 25% has to be paid at the time of DVD or Digital Delivery.
  2. The amount in the contract paper is considered as final. There will be no discount/increment of price after finalizing the contract paper.
  3. The client has to bear online transaction charges and EMI charges (if applicable).
  4. The client will be served as per the contract paper. Nothing will be given extra or outside of the contract.
  5. In the case of the unavailability of the desired package, clients can cancel the booking and collect a cash refund.
  6. Delivery of DVDs will be given after 45 Working days from the last event.
  7. ArtLand will deliver the DVDs to the client address within 72 hours of the final payment.
  8. After 2 months of the DVD collection, no service will be provided to the client against that client code & contract paper.
  9. The client can provide song preference for promo at video@artlandbd.com before the event, mentioning the Client Code in the subject of the email. After the event date, we will not accept any song preference and we will not change the songs.
  10. The client can raise editing complaints at support@artlandbd.com within 10 days from receiving delivery mentioning the Client Code in the subject of the email.
  11. ArtLand holds the copyright of the photos taken & can use the photos on the Facebook, website, or other social media.
  12. For better single & couple pictures, the client must provide at least 1 hour of uninterruptible portrait sessions.
  13. The client must understand that, all the venues, decoration, lighting, outdoor space are not the same, hence pictures vary widely for those ex-factors.
  14. ArtLand is not bound to publish pictures on their FB page.
  15. A client must ensure a smooth working environment for good quality pictures, otherwise, ArtLand will not be liable for poor delivery.
Refund Policy:

  1. The advanced money is non-refundable in case of cancellation from the client’s end.
  2. The advanced money is adjustable to a different date, if and only is the package is available at the new date.
  3. In any case, if ArtLand cancels the contract, full advanced money will be refunded.
  4. In any case, if ArtLand has to change the photographer, the client will be notified & package prices will change accordingly based on mutual discussion.
  5. In any political or natural unstable condition, ArtLand can cancel the contract, even in event dates & full advanced money will be refunded.
  6. If any payment is made without having a client code, ArtLand authority will not be able to serve the client and will not refund the money.
  7. ArtLand takes every precaution to avoid technical accidents (like memory card crash, PC crash, Hard disk crash), yet if it happened, ArtLand will refund the advanced money.
Online Payment Methods:

Payment Methods